EHRT Software makes the difference

One software for all applicatins

PowerBend and PowerCut are the basic-software on all EHRT machines.

What is unique is that the operator of the machine, as well as colleagues in the office, work with access to the same data base.

The software is very helpful to prepare instructions and it enables you to operate intuitively.

The processes operate/interact smoothly, because everything is based on one concept. Every user only needs one data source: from the input of the data to tracking afterwards.

Handling of the software is very simple, and the surface for every user identical. That makes it easy to become acquainted with it and to work on all types of the EHRT machines.

PowerCut and PowerBend offer you a decisive advantage over our competitors solutions.

EPLAN: Comfortable interface to PowerCut and PowerBend

The EHRT software packages „PowerCut“ and „PowerBend“ can be updated in order to have a data interface installed to the well-known design software „EPLAN Pro Panel”

EPLAN Pro Panel is used for the 3D-construction of switch cabinets and switch gears. The new interface supports our customers to import the geometries of the working pieces which were designed by EPLAN. A second programming of the same working piece at PowerCut or PowerBend is not necessary. The advantage is an extreme decrease of time and error rates.


The Nesting-Software PunchPro is an extension of the proven software solution from EHRT.

It calculates in a few seconds with a production list the optimum allocation of workpieces to be produced on bars. Thus, the material utilization is maximized and the production time is minimized.

The operation of the software is very simple.

The production list can be entered directly into the software or via a simple file format from other programs. Just a few clicks and you can see the result of optimization.

The software displays next to the pole assignment on the utilization of the material and the type and number of required bars. If necessary, action can be taken manually.

At the punching machine the optimized rod assignments are read. The machine software indicates the required tool and the type and number of bars.

Once the machine is prepared, production can begin.

Especially useful is the use of PunchPro in conjunction with an automated punching machine. Depending on the degree of automation and type of construction contracts longer manufacturing sections without operator intervention are possible.