Second "Boot Camp" for our Partners at EHRT

Shortly after the OpenHouse 2017, EHRT invited the partners to be trained on the EHRT machines and software.

It was the second Boot Camp at EHRT in Rheinbreitbach. Jens Malessa (Head of Service) is convinced of the training program. "After the camp the colleagues are able to set up new parts on the machine, they can try a lot with our people next to them, so they loose their unsureness."

Mike was one of the participants. He points out the advantages for him: "I could touch the hardware and try some things with the software. It was easier than I thought, because the safety level of the machines is very high and the software simple to handle. For me it was great to learn so many details of what the connecting software is about."

After the training the EHRT partner is ready to train the customer on his machine and solve questions on location.

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